Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is a really important year for me

Entered uni.
Began to be true to myself.
Finally shared with my parents, my ambition since form 3
Got new friends.
Changed my outlook
Lived without my parents
Extended my tiny world
walked out of the dark
Leant how sceintific real science actually is

and many more

anyhow, happy new year people~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nerdy Eagle

I found out that people actually said I was a nerd and an eagle last time.

Even till now, I was never a person to judge others based on looks.
I refrained myself from discussions denouncing the appearance of others to the level of an animal. Its just something i felt not relevant.

Its just unfair to ignore the feelings of others like that, by judging them based on the outlook.

But much to my chagrin,
I was also a victim

I know I look like a nerd with my thick glasses concealing my small beady eyes and I look like an eagle with my screwed-up eyebrows

But hey,
I'm not an object for you to laugh at.
I mean if its so funny to laugh at my face, look at your own.
I bet it will be funnier

People like you who are ugly both in the inside and the outside;
You should just get a mirror and laugh at your own revolting face all day long

I thought I was invisible.
Guess I'm wrong after all
I still fit in one of those conversations meant to condemn looks

That was last time

I dont know how nerdy or eagle-ish I am now.
Maybe you should compare your own face with mine now, and determine which is nerdier? ;)

Let me justify my point here
If you were to insult the physical of others, I strongly suggest you look into the mirror before giving any snide remarks
You may not have any feelings, but others do.
So please respect them

PS : I honestly felt that those who used to diss me are in no position to comment too if I were to judge them physically

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm in taiping!~

But how come nobody's here?!

Friday, December 11, 2009

MY decision

I decided to take this approach from now onwards after some time contemplating
I feel that as a fellow coursemate, i need to inform you whenever you do something wrong and silly like that
I rather be considered the evil one or the one with the so-called bad mouth for now.
But I'm really really doing this for your own good.
You will never know you are wrong, unless someone tells you. And I am willing to be the someone
You may develop an animosity towards me, but I rather you do, than I watch you cross over to the bad side like that, and remain silent
You were so much of a better person last time
Maybe, you dont need to return to who you were, but you should at least change for the better
Life is about becoming a becoming a better person.
I feel i dont believe in being who you are and everyone else must accept it.
Of course, that concept is applicable to a certain stage, but it should not be used as an excuse to run away from the truth that there are problems with you attitude.
I am willing to accept your physical and other things that cant be changed.
for things that can be changed, and should be changed, I am unwilling to compromise
Please do not use the concept of "I'm just beinf who I am" to run away from things

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I killed a person

Its reaching the end of semester 1.
After spending 2 semesters here, i would say that life gets more interesting day by day.
so many bittersweet memories we shared together =)
such fond memories
Despite that, I still cant bring myself to ingnore the bitter moments that clouded them
Today i woke up feeling terrible and guilty.
I was invovled in a conspiracy against a certain someone.

Someone who is often judged unilaterally.
Someone who used to be a great person.
Someone who used to help me regardless of the situation.
But, that person has changed.

His desperation to vye for popularity and seek attention became his undoing.
The fact that, there are many other things he did that pissed everyone, booked him a
one-way ticket to become an outcast.
Now, he is like a tiny island besieged by us, rough oceans.
he still tries his best to fit in no matter what.
His attitude sickens me, but his perserverance amazes me.
The fact that he is human like all of us, shows that he need friends. But everyone, including me are turning our backs against him.
Then, i question myself,
Why did I opt to exile him?
why couldnt i just accept him for who he is, or just help him change?
Maybe i still lack compassion
Maybe i still need to learn how to practise metta
I dont know how I can stand being in his shoes; carving a fake smile on his face to hide his sorrow, pretending he is still part of the family despite knowing that he was already disowned, and facing people who refuse to face him.
No man is an island. And no man deserves a treatment of that sort.
but his sickening attitude is really distasteful, and it annoys me to no end
this is a post, full of contradictions.
My heart tells me to avoid him, but my conscience tells me to befriend him
What should I do now?
I really dont know

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tolong lah T.T

Who has a car???????
i really want to go to Cheras pasar malam next wednesday.
Its the biggest pasar malam in Malaysia
About 1 km long
i really need to go.............. T.T
I want to eat the taiwan pizzas, penang asam laksa, ice blended honeydew, and so many more there...

A new moon in 2012

2012 was an underated movie for me.
For a movie that kept the level of suspense so high throughout 3 hours, and still managed to infuse so many sub-themes and moral values, it should be receiving more publicity than it is already enjoying
Despite being such an emotional and solemn movie, it managed to slip some humor very effectively in between.
The character development was extraordinarily good for a Hollywood movie
Definitely the best movie so far, this year (I'm still reserving judgementns for Avatar)
Watched it in Midvalley
Till today, the tickets are still being sold at an astonishing speed
New Moon was utterly dissapointing and way overated.
The pace was way too slow for me.
It didnt appear to be anything like an action-romance movie as it was publicised.
It was just pure romance.
The wolf-figthing scene was a letdown
And the fact that the wolfs look more cute than aggresive, was really frustrating.
Watched it in Pavillion.
SO was the movie that bad?
About 15 people left their seats in the middle of the movie
(nobody leaves their seats in cinemas)
Chances are, if you are a girl, you might like it, coz of all the romance and shirtless men
if you are a boy, I sugggest you think twice before watching it.